Mockito 2.2.7 API

Package org.mockito.plugins

Mockito plugins allow customization of behavior.

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Package org.mockito.plugins Description

Mockito plugins allow customization of behavior. For example, it is useful for Android integration via dexmaker. See examples in docs for MockMaker.

The plugin mechanism of mockito works in a similar way as the ServiceLoader, however instead of looking in the META-INF directory, Mockito will look in mockito-extensions directory. The reason for that is that Android SDK strips jars from the META-INF directory when creating an APK.

For example :

  1. Create implementation itself, for example org.awesome.mockito.AwesomeMockMaker that extends the MockMaker.
  2. A file "mockito-extensions/org.mockito.plugins.MockMaker". The content of this file is exactly a one line with the qualified name: org.awesome.mockito.AwesomeMockMaker.

Note that if several mockito-extensions/org.mockito.plugins.MockMaker files exists in the classpath Mockito will only use the first returned by the standard ClassLoader.getResource mechanism.

Mockito 2.2.7 API